10 Azure Portal Tips & Tricks that you should know

10 Azure Portal Tips & Tricks that you should know

This post listed 10 useful Azure Portal Tips & Tricks that will make you more productive. If you are working with Azure, you must be familiar with Azure Portal. Azure portal is getting better day by day. While using Azure Portal, try to use these capabilities for better Azure portal experience and productivity.

Azure Portal Tips & Tricks

10 Azure Portal Tips & Tricks that you should know

  1. Browse all Azure Portal Dashboards
  2. Import Azure Portal Dashboard
  3. Quick Navigation using Azure Portal Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. Configure Azure Portal auto logout after a period of inactivity

  5. How to share Azure portal dashboard?

  6. Azure Portal Tip: Check deployments of Azure resources from the Resource Group

  7. Azure Portal Tip: Quickly create Azure services from the Saved List

  8. Double-click on Azure Portal dashboard to change the theme

  9. Azure Tip: Global Subscription Filtering in Azure Portal

  10. Access Azure resources quickly that are used recently

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