Did you know – You can now Copy Dashboard in Azure DevOps?

Did you know – You can now Copy Dashboard in Azure DevOps?

You can now copy the dashboard in Azure DevOps. This feature will help tremendously set up a new dashboard for any new project or an existing project. Earlier, Azure DevOps allows copying any specific widgets across projects using the Copy to Dashboard feature. The recent updates from Azure DevOps will enable you to copy a complete dashboard within the same project or another project across the DevOps organization. Once the widgets and layouts are copied, you need to configure and change the queries based on the new project.

Copy Dashboard in Azure DevOps

Firstly, you have to enable the preview features from the User Settings >  Preview Features.

Enable Preview Features in Azure DevOps
Enable Preview Features in Azure DevOps

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Once the “Copy dashboard Experience” is turned on, you will be able to find the “Copy Dashboard” option with each Dashboard.

Copy Dashboard in Azure Deashboard

Once you click on the “Copy Dashboard” it will open up the new dashboard blade with an additional option of for which project you want to copy. Here you can select the current project as well as some new projects. In this example, I just kept the name with “Copied” text as a reference.

Copy Dashboard

That’s it. The complete dashboard will be copied to the newly selected project. Once you see the new dashboard on the chosen project, you can start configuring them for the specific queries.

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Newly Copied Dashboard

To Summarize, the “Copy dashboard in Azure DevOps” is a great addition, and you can easily replicate your existing dashboard and FastTrack dashboard creation for a similar project or even streamline the project status review with similar dashboard experiences.

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