Accessing Telemetry and Analytics for Your Azure Health Bot

Accessing Telemetry and Analytics for Your Azure Health Bot

The Azure Health Bot Services allows us to build a bot with a predefined set of data and build bots. Microsoft Azure Health Bot abstracted out the complex part including several data validation, regulation, and data privacy. It provided an opportunity for the organization to build and deploy an AI-based, compliant bot for real healthcare use cases. The Platform also provides Azure Health Bot Analytics and reporting to access the details usages and telemetry. You can access the Real-time Telemetry of Azure Health Bot in Real-Time. The telemetry reports help us to measure the behavior of your bot and improve over time.

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Analytics for Azure Health Bot

To access the Azure Health Bot Telemetry data and analytics report, select “Reports” available under “Analytics” inside the “Azure Health Bot Management Studio“.

Telemetry and Analytics for Your Azure Health Bot

This will bring up the details analytics reports for the Health Bot.

Analytics for Your Azure Health Bot

You can filter the data based on 24 Hrs., 7 Days , 30 Days. 90 Days and monthly basis as well.

The analytics report also provide some of very detailed insights including usages of Built-in Scenarios, and Custom Scenarios.

Overall, this is a great place to review the usages of your bot and understand how it is behaving and what are the key measure you need to take to improve the bot.

You can log custom telemetry into the Application insights as well. In the next post we will explore the same.

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