Access Azure resources quickly that are used recently

Access Azure resources quickly that are used recently

Access Azure resources in an as quick as possible way is the key. To quickly access Azure resources, we leverage search functionality available in the Azure Portal. You can just type the resources name to appear on the list and then you can access azure resources from there. The search list by default shows the recently use Azure resources for quick access. The Azure portal also allows you to get access to all recently used Azure resources from the recent services list.

Quick Access Azure Resources using Azure Portal Search

The search bar in the Azure portal allows you to search resources, services as well as documentation across different subscription. By default, it shows the list of recently used Azure resources.  Start typing in search box, it will start pull out all other resources matched with your search.

Access Azure Resources from Portal Search

If you have setup for global subscription filter from the portal settings, search for the azure resources would be limited to the filtered subscription.  You may read this post to know more about global subscription filter in azure port. As shown in the above screenshot, all the subscriptions are selected for search.

Quickly Access Azure Resources using Recent List

Recent Azure resources option shows the list of all recently used Azure resources, and you can quickly access them from the list. You can access it from the dashboard as shown in the below image.

Access Azure Resources - Recent Services List

In case you don’t see the recent option in the dashboard favorite list, you need to navigate to All Services and search for “Recent”. Once you have the “Recent” option, add it to favorite.

Access Azure Resources - Recent Services

You can also launch the recent lists of resources from search panel as well. If you have notices the search panel, it has a option for “See All“, that takes you to the recent list of azure resources.

Access Azure Resources - See All Search Nav


Hope this helps.

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