Azure Portal Tip: Check deployments of Azure resources from the Resource Group

Azure Portal Tip: Check deployments of Azure resources from the Resource Group

Deployments of Azure resources can be monitored by the resource group. You can view all the ongoing, completed, and also failed azure deployments details for any resource from the resource group. An azure resource group is a container that contains all the related resources for a specific cloud solution. In addition to that using the resource group, you can easily manage permissions, alerts, cost, locks and audit logs on a group of resources. Azure resource group also helps in automated deployments of resources. There is an interesting and little-overlooked feature, that you can find in Azure Portal, is checking a list of deployments of resources to a resource group.

From the Azure Portal, navigate to any specific Azure Resource Group. The Overview tab list out all the resources created under the selected resource group.

   Resources under resource group

Opening the Azure Deployments Screen:

Now, navigate to Settings > Deployments option. This screen list out all the deployments of Azure resources for the selected resource group.

deployments of azure resources : List of Deployment for Resource Group


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Deployments of Azure resources and it’s detailed:


Deployments screen list out all the deployment that happened to this resources group for any of the specific resources. In addition, you can also click on the Deployment link on the essential section of the overview tab open the deployments screen as well. 

Select any of the deployment instances to view the details. It will lists out all the resources created or updated during the process of deployment.

deployments of azure resources: Resources for Deployments
Not only the completed list of deployments, it shows up any in-progress and also failed deployment.  As a result, it could be your single point of reference to check for deployment states for any particular resource group.

deployments of azure resources: Types of Deployments

In conclusion, this is very quick and effective way to check the state of deployments for any specific resources group.

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