Azure Portal Tip: Quickly create Azure services from the Saved List

By | May 8, 2018

My Saved List in Azure Portal

Azure Portal allows us marked any specific categories of Azure cloud services as favorite and tag it to Azure Dashboard for quick access. You can access all the resources for the favorite services from the dashboard. What about creating a new cloud service quickly? Rather going to each azure services category and finding out the required service, you can add the frequently used services in “My Saved List” for future reference. Furthermore, whenever you want to create a new service for those type, just refer to your saved list.

Add Services to My Saved List

Sign in to Azure Portal to create a new Azure Service, you will notice “Save for Later” button in the Services description section. Select the button to save the respective service into your Saved list.

Azure Services Saved for Later

Once the service is saved, you will find the button changed to “Saved”.

Saved List of Service

You can again click on the “Saved” button to remove it from the saved list.


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Quickly create Azure services from Saved List:

When you create a new Azure Service from Azure Marketplace, you will find “My Saved List” at the top of the list. Selecting the option will bring all the saved list. you can select the specific service while will take you to service creation blade.

My Saved List in Azure Portal

The My Saved List option has an extensive list of filter option to filter out services quickly from the My Saved List.

Filter in Saved List

With the help of my saved list, you can easily access and create your Azure services quickly rather going through all different categories and searching for it.

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