Double-click on Azure Portal dashboard to change the theme

Double-click on Azure Portal dashboard to change the theme

You can just double-click on Azure Portal dashboard to change the theme. Azure Portal provides several themes and you can update the color theme used in the Azure Portal. You may be familiar with the approach to change the portal theme from the portal settings. However, the quickest way to change the theme is to just double-click on the Azure Portal Dashboard to change the theme. It will change and apply the theme one by one, and you can stop by, at your favorite one.

Let’s have a look at both procedures.

You can use the following procedure changes the color theme from the default theme to one of your choice.  To update the portal theme

  • Open the Azure Portal
  • In the upper right corner, click Portal Settings.
  • On the Portal Settings blade, choose the theme available under “Choose a theme“.  As soon as you change your theme selection, you will be able to see its preview as well.
  • Finally, click on the Apply to persist your choice


Change Azure Portal Theme

There is also an option to set the theme for High Contrast mode as well, where you can choose the option between black and white. By default, it’s set to None.


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 Double-click on Azure Portal dashboard to change the theme:

If you have noticed in the Portal Settings blade, there is an option “Allow double-click on the dashboard to change theme” and which is enabled by default. So, when it is enabled, you can just double-click on anywhere in the dashboard to change the theme.


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This works with all custom dashboard’s as well.

Additionally, you can export all these settings from the Portal Settings panel and refer them later.  Export settings download the settings.json file with all configurations.  To reset all the changes, use “Restore default settings

Export Settings

Hope this helps

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