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Abhijit runs the Daily .NET Tips. He started this site with a vision to have a single knowledge base of .NET tips and tricks and share post that can quickly help any developers . He is a Former Microsoft ASP.NET MVP, CodeProject MVP, Mentor, Speaker, Author, Technology Evangelist and presently working as a .NET Consultant. He blogs at http://abhijitjana.net , you can follow him @AbhijitJana . He is the author of book Kinect for Windows SDK Programming Guide.

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Learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from AI School

By | May 20, 2018

You can quickly learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from AI School. Artificial Intelligence (AI) School features several sets of great contents ranging from Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services, Deep Learning, and other Azure Artificial Intelligence stacks. At AI School, you can easily access a wide range of content type to learn end to end AI based solution. There… Read More »

How to share Azure portal dashboard?

By | May 16, 2018

You can share Azure Portal dashboard to other users with having access to the same Azure Subscription. You can create your personal dashboards such as Azure service health dashboard, or any other Azure services monitoring or data flow dashboard and it could be useful sharing the dashboard with other in case they need same. In this post let’s… Read More »