How to add custom HTML to Azure Portal Dashboard?

How to add custom HTML to Azure Portal Dashboard?

You can add custom HTML to Azure Portal dashboard using the Markdown control. Creating custom dashboard in Azure Portal is very easy.  Recently, I have also covered a series of posts on Azure Portal Tips & Tricks, which talks about several features of Azure Dashboard. Markdown control can help you add custom HTML to Azure Portal. There are several benefits of it, including notes, documents references related with dashboard and become very handy when sharing Azure Portal dashboard.

Add custom HTML to Azure Portal Dashboard

From the Azure Portal, open the existing dashboard or create a new one. Move to edit dashboard mode and select the “Markdown” available under the general category of tiles. Place the control inside the dashboard. You should be able to view the Markdown Control tile in preview mode along with Edit Markdown blade.

add custom HTML to Azure Portal Dashboard - Add Markdown

The content editor support plan text, __markdown__, images link and basic HTML with custom CSS.

Here is a quick example of markdown control with some text and images. The below dashboard was created directly from Application Insights, and in the custom markdown notes, I have mentioned how it was created for quick references.  You may read this  Quickly Generate Azure Dashboard from Application Insights Telemetry to get more details on that.

add custom HTML to Azure Portal Dashboard - Example

As mentioned earlier, there are several benefits of having a custom content control for Azure Portal Dashboard. You may now explore and try out.

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