Live Application Metrics from Application Insights – Live Stream Metrics

By | April 14, 2016

Live Stream Metrics  is yet another great addition to Application Insights family.

The new Live Stream Metrics shows the application metrics with a near real time latency . You can monitor the live data for your application including incoming request, outgoing request and server health.

Open the Application Insight Portal for the application, and then you will have the option to select “Live Stream”.


If it is not configured for your application, it will ask you to set it up with clear instruction .


Follow the given instruction, where you need to update a NuGet packages.


Once done, back to the portal again. If you are app is running, you should be able to see the servers counts from where the telemetry data is coming.


click on the Icon, and start looking at the live stream data.


This is extremely useful to monitor and  investigating an incident in real time.

Hope this helps !

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