Interactive Analytics for Application Insights

By | April 18, 2016

Analytics is another powerful and new feature of Application Insights that can help you to apply advanced search over collected telemetry data from your application.  The data return by the query could be tabular or a graphical representation and can be understand very easily. This can help us searching for very specific set of data which are not available out of box in the portal.  Writing  interactive queries for analytics over the telemetry data can also help us discover trends of issues, users, additional issues, usages etc.

You can apply these query on all the telemetry data captured by Application Insights, including custom events.

Select the respective Application Insights from the Azure Portal and then Click on the “Analytics” options as shown in the below.



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A separated window will open and also ask for re-authentication .


After that it is quite straight forward and well instruct rated what to do next. You can play around with tutorial on how to use it.


Here is an quick example of an interactive query  to “Find the exceptions related to a request that returned a failure response”’

Once executed you will have following result screen along with the executed queries.


Change the type of display and select preferred type of graph as per your need. The data will be visualized accordingly.



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You can also customize the fields and select / deselect based on your needs,


This is really powerful and you can quickly figure out your required data, understand application performance trends, error trends etc. quickly.

You can save these queries and also export the result set in Excel or Power BI


There are many more … Please refer to the following resources for more information

A tour of Analytics in Application Insights

Analytics in Application Insights



Hope this will give you good start to take it forward.

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