Excluding Events from User Flows in Application Insights

Excluding Events from User Flows in Application Insights

Azure Application Insights is a fully managed Azure Service, that helps to monitor applications health in real time. It allows us to track application availability, performance, user’s session. The User Flow in Application Insights helps in Visualizing overall user navigation across pages and across multiple sessions. This is an extremely useful feature that provides several important analysis of your application.  You can save and share Application Insights User Flows, that allows other users to access the saved reports for further references.

When dealing with a large solution with a massive number of the user request, the user flow maps could be complicated. You may look for simplify the things while reviewing the requests. The User flows allow us to exclude specific events and focus on the specific one, which is important to us.

Let’s have a look how to exclude events in User Flow maps.

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Excluding Events from User Flows

From the Edit User Flows blade, you can exclude specific events or exclude all events from the map.

Excluding Events from User Flows in Application Insights

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Once events are excluded, you can generate the map once again. The new user flow will generate by excluding the events specified.

Excluding Events from User Flows in Application Insights - Maps

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