Exporting Visual Studio App Center Data to Azure Application Insights

By | January 16, 2020

Visual Studio App Center allows continuous build, release, test, and monitor of our cross-platform applications. It has a robust integration with Azure DevOps. We can leverage the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment from Azure DevOps and, at the same time, deploy, distribute, and monitor the application usages, analytics in App Center. App Center also allows us to take the Insights and analytics data to Azure Services.

Visual Studio App Center Data to Azure Application Insights

Visual Studio App Center allows export Insights and Analytics to Azure Blob Storage and Application Insights. Exporting data to Azure Services such as blob storage or App Insights helps in data retention, detailed usages, and analysis. Let’s take a look at how to export Visual Studio App Center Data To Azure Application Insights.

To Export App Center data, Go to the App Settings for the specific App and choose Seetings Export.

Data Export – App Center to App Insights

Once you select Application Insights, for first-time Visual Studio App Center will allow you to connect with Azure Subscription. Once the Azure Subscription connected, you need to assign the subscription with the particular App.

Assign Subscrption to App

Once the subscription is assigned with the App, App Center will create an Azure Application Insights resource. It will take a while and create the resource. Once the resource creation is done, you will see the status as “Enabled.”

At this point in time, you can open the Azure Portal and check the App Insights resources created.

Your Visual Studio App Center Continous export is now set up. Further data analytics will be exported into the App Insights.