Peek Definition in Visual Studio 2013 is now all about Ctrl + Click

By | December 29, 2013

Peek Definition Using Ctrl + Click

Peek Definition” improves the overall developer productivity by displaying the code definition with in the same code window as an extended editor.  You can view the definition of any particular type by just selecting “Peek definition” from the context menu or just selecting short cut key “Alt+F12”. With the Visual Studio Power Productivity Tool, you can invoke the peek definition by just using Ctrl + Click

Consider there is a Student class and you want to view the definition of the class.

Peek Definition in Visual Studio 2013

Fig: select “Peek Definition” from context menu  to see the members definitions of “Student” class.
This will open a small extended windows with the definition of the selected members as shown in the following.

Fig: Definition of “Student” class showing in peek definition window.

With the power tools installed in your system, this task is much more simpler; which is nothing but pressing “Ctrl + click” on the types.


Fig:  Use Ctrl + Click for invoking the Peek Definition

Yes !! That all  – Simple Enough !  Install the power productivity tool and be a productive developer!

Well, till now I have covered following tips on Power Productivity tool 2013:

Hope this already gives you a good idea on what productivity tool can do for you and you must be looking forward for some more!! . Hence i will be suggesting the following,