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Visual Studio Tip: Quick Actions and Refactoring – Quickly convert for-to-foreach

By | April 28, 2018

Visual Studio 2017 IDE provides its own quick refactoring capabilities using Quick Actions and Refactoring. Refactoring is a procedure to reform our code without altering the functional intent and which is easier to maintain, read and support. There are several third-party extension and tool that also allows extended code and editor level refactoring. First of all, performing a… Read More »

Did you know – Now you can duplicate Line of Code without losing your clipboard content within Visual Studio?

By | January 12, 2018

The recent release of Visual Studio 2017 Preview version introduced a very small but useful feature – Duplicate Line of Code. Until now If we need to duplicate a line, we need to follow the standard copy & paste flow. With that, we lose the previous clipboard content. Now, Visual Studio allows us to quickly duplicate a line… Read More »

Focus on right section of the solution by Scoping your Solution Explorer in Visual Studio

By | January 18, 2016

You may find this tip very handy and useful incase you are dealing with a large solution with several projects in Visual studio.  We don’t work across the solution / all projects together. So it’s is always better to focus on what is important for that time of development. Visual Studio Solution Explorer provides a feature called “Scope… Read More »

10 Visual Studio tips to improve your development productivity

By | January 4, 2016

As a .NET developers we spend a lot of time with our favorite IDE “Visual Studio”. It is very powerful and has lot of features that enhance our productivity. However, not everyone uses all these Visual Studio features together or not using some of them when though they might help or may not be aware of. Here is list… Read More »

Keep Track of your active files inside Solution Explorer – A Quick Visual Studio Tip

By | September 2, 2015

While working in a large Visual Studio Solution with several numbers of projects, keeping track of currently active / working file is difficult. Tracking this will help us to understand where we are on the solution or which layer we are currently working on. If we can’t track it automatically, we have to scroll through entire solution explorer to… Read More »

10 Effective Debugging Tips for .NET Developer

By | January 12, 2014

As a developer, in our day-to-day development activities we spend good amount of time to debug our code, identify the root cause of defect and finally solving them. While some of them are quite easy to identify and fix but there are issue which take countless time to identify. In fact, sometimes we spent more time on debugging… Read More »

Peek Definition in Visual Studio 2013 is now all about Ctrl + Click

By | December 29, 2013

“Peek Definition” improves the overall developer productivity by displaying the code definition with in the same code window as an extended editor.  You can view the definition of any particular type by just selecting “Peek definition” from the context menu or just selecting short cut key “Alt+F12”. With the Visual Studio Power Productivity Tool, you can invoke the… Read More »