Bored with Dark and Light Themes in Azure DevOps? – Try Experimental Themes

Bored with Dark and Light Themes in Azure DevOps? – Try Experimental Themes

You can start experiences several brand new themes for Azure DevOps. Experimental Themes provides early access to preview several Themes for Azure DevOps. When you select Theme from the Profile menu, you can choose between Dark and Light themes. With Experimental themes enabled, you can choose several additional themes. You will find the new themes under the same places, but before that, you need to enable the “Experimental Themes” features in Azure DevOps.

Change Theme in Azure DevOps

By default, When you select Theme from the Profile menu you can select between Dark and Light themes.

Themes  in Azure DevOps
Default Themes in Azure DevOps

Enable Experimental Themes in Azure DevOps

Firstly, It is a preview feature and by default, it will be disabled. Hence, you need to enable this from the “Preview Features” dialogs option available under user profiles.

Experimental Themes Enable in Azure DevOps

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Secondly, once the “Experimental Theme” is enabled, the “Choose your theme” option would bring several other theme for your experiences, and try out.

Choose from Experimental Themes

Finally, Select one of them, and try experiences the changes 🙂

Experimental Themes Preview

Moreover, You can find the same set of themes under the User Settings > Themes. All the themes are categorized under Default Themes, Custom Themes, and Preview Themes.

User Settings for Experimental Themes
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