Automatically Remove and Sort Usings on Save in Visual Studio 2013

Automatically Remove and Sort Usings on Save in Visual Studio 2013

Sorting and Removing the unused namespaces is a general coding standard guideline.  We maintained this for all the files where we have then namespaces included.  You can do it easily from the “Organize Usings” context menu options,  or just enable a shortcut key like I explained in the Remove and Sort – Namespaces using Shortcut in Visual Studio tip. With the power of productivity tool, this is even more handy! Visual Studio can now take care of it automatically while saving the code file.

Once you have the productivity tool installed, you can find the “Remove and Sort Usings on Save” from the “Tools –> Options –> Productivity Power Tools –> PowerCommands –> Generals” .  You can find the below dialog options by just searching in the Visual Studio Quick Launch or Search with in the Option Dialog Control as well.

Remove and Sort Using on Save

With this settings enables, Visual Studio will automatically take care of removing the unused namespaces and sorting the remaining usings while saving the document.

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Edited / Note : This feature was available from the Visual Studio 2010 Power Tool onwards

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