Manage pre-releases Azure Services using Azure Preview Features

Manage pre-releases Azure Services using Azure Preview Features

You can opt-in or out-of Azure pre-release services with Azure Preview Features; directly from Azure Portal. Using Azure Preview features, you can access the prerelease versions of Azure Services, and features, as well as can, can also provide feedback. While you can check the status of the service directly by following the Azure Status updates site , You can access the list of pre-releases features and register for it from Azure Portal directly.

Using Azure Preview Features

To check the available pre release services for your Azure Subscription, navigate to Azure Portal, Search for “Preview Features” services in the Azure Portal.

Azure Preview Features

Once you open it, it will display list of all pre-releases features that are available with your subscription.

Azure Preview Features

You can register, unregister, and keep track of registration state directly from the Azure Portal.

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You can filter the services based on the

  • Subscription : Choose from the list of subscriptions ( if you have multiple)
  • State
    • All
    • Pending
    • Registered
    • Not Registered
  • Type – Are typically category of Azure Services such as Microsoft.Storage, Microsoft.PowerBI
Azure Preview Features

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