Org Level Default branch name for repos in Azure DevOps

Org Level Default branch name for repos in Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps now has support to set up the Org level default branch name for new repositories. For Azure DevOps Git Repositories, by default branch name is set to master. Whenever we create new repositories, it takes master as default. You can set up a new name for your default branch, and all the new repositories will be initialized from the same. This setting is now available for the organization level.

Org Level Default branch name for repos in Azure DevOps

From specific projects, the Project Settings, Navigate to Repositories then Settings, and “turn on” the feature.

Similarly, with the recent updates from Azure DevOps, for org level, you can do the changes organization level, from the complete DevOps organization.

Similar to the project level, you will find Repositories under organization-level settings for org level Configuration

Org level configuration name will take in place if the project level repositories default name is not set.

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