Filter Pinned Members in Watch Window – Debugging Tip

Filter Pinned Members in Watch Window – Debugging Tip

Filter Pinned Members in Watch Window helps in tracking member variables and faster debugging. Watch Windows is one of the most powerful and commonly used debugging tools inside Visual Studio. This tool is commonly used to explore the objects, values, properties, and all other aspects during debugging. Data tip in Visual Studio is an advanced tooltip message which is used to inspect the objects or variable during the debugging and can be pinned for a quick view.

Filter Pinned Members in Watch Window

In Visual Studio 2019, you can filter the member variables which are pinned during debugging. Even you can also start pinning the object variables inside the Watch Window itself.

Did you know– You can Drag-Drop & Copy-Paste code inside Watch Window in Visual Studio?

Watch Windows Tips and Tricks

During debugging; If we have some pinned members variables; we can filter them out just by selecting “Show only pinned members” option. It will simply reduce the object navigation and search with in Watch Window. When we select the option “Hide pinned member names in value” it will just show you the actual object values.

This helps in faster navigation and tracking values during debugging.

Watch Window is very powerful and one of the most useful tool for debugging. Check out few previous tips on Watch Window:

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