User Flows in Application Insights

By | August 4, 2018

The User Flows in Application Insights enables rich user experiences to understand and analyze user navigation.  The User Flow in Application Insights helps in Visualizing overall user navigation across pages and across multiple sessions. This is an extremely useful feature that provides several important analysis of your application.

User Flows in Application Insights

To analyze user navigation from Application Insights, from the Azure Portal, open the respective Application Insights resource. Then select the “User Flows” to generate the user flow map. It will generate the graphs of your application based on user flows and their actions.

User Flows in Application Insights

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The User Flows start from the Home Page and generates the maps based as the user navigates through the application. User Flow map is customizable, and you can set a time range, initial event from the Edit Screen.

User Flows in Application Insights - Edit


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User flow also indicates different Page View and the event during the sessions. This will also help you to understand the different event during the Page View and how the user redirection happen.

User Flows in Application Insights - Requests

Finally, you can save the Report and can also share with other users who have access to this resource.

User Flows in Application Insights - Save Share

Overall this feature helps you to understand how users are navigating through the application, where they are spending more time and what action user repeat often. Give it a try!