Automatically move data from Azure Event Hubs to Azure Blob Storage

Automatically move data from Azure Event Hubs to Azure Blob Storage

You can automatically move data from Azure Event Hub to Azure Blob Storage or Azure Data Lake using Azure Event Hubs Capture feature. Azure Event Hub Capture enables us to automatically move the streaming data in Event Hubs to an Azure Blob storage or Azure Data Lake Store. Using the Event Hubs Capture you can easily capture the data and focus more on data processing rather capturing the data.

Enabling Azure Event Hubs Capture

To enable Azure Event Hubs Capture, Log in to the Azure Portal, and navigate to the respective Azure Event Hub resource. You will find the “Capture” option under the “Feature” category.

Azure Event Hubs - Catpture Enable

By default, it is turned off. To enable, just turned it on. Once it is turned on, you will have the option to select the Capture Provider  – Azure Storage and Azure Data Lake. Depends on the provider selected, you need to choose the container. For an instance, if you select Azure Storage, You have to select the Azure Blob storage container, and for in case of the Azure Data Lake, you have to choose the store.

Turned On Event Capture from Azure Portal

For Azure Storage, select the Storage  and respective containers for the data transfer.

Select Data Storge for Capture This will start automatically data ingesting from the Event Hubs to your Blob Storage. Data will be transferred based on the time range selected or at the maximum size of data limit range.

Having this enabled you can easily start ingest your stream data from Event Hubs from Blob Storage or Data Lake.  with that, without much worrying about configuration and transfer, you can actually focus on the data processing. To know more about  Azure Event Hubs Capture, you can read this link.

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