Don’t See the Preview Features in Visual Studio – Try This

Don’t See the Preview Features in Visual Studio – Try This

Visual Studio provides a Preview Features page that lists all the preview features currently available in the Visual Studio. Some of these features are by default turned off, and some of them are turned on. So in case, after installing an update, you don’t see any specific feature working, this is the first place you must enable it. On the other hand, if some feature you think is giving you trouble, you can disable those preview features. One of the common questions we must have seen around .NET 5 not available in Visual Studio 2019 after installing it. Well, you need to enable it here.

Preview Features in Visual Studio

The Preview Features Page is available under Tools > Options > Environment > Preview Features. Once you Select / Unselect any of the features, it might require restarting your visual studio.

enable preview features in visual studio

You can provide the feedback to the Microsoft Product Team, directly from this feature list.

preview features feedback in visual studio

Finally, this is not something new that came with Visual Studio recently, it has been there for a while, but as several new features are coming up frequently, it is something good to keep in mind if you don’t know about it.

.NET 5 not available in Visual Studio 2019

one of the frequent questions I have seen around from the developer who wanted to explore .NET in early releases – “ I have downloaded and installed .NET 5.0 in my Visual Studio 2019. But I don’t see it in my Target framework

And there is the answer, even after installing .NET Core SDKs and Visual Studio required preview version, you need to enable this preview feature explicitly.

.NET 5 not available in Visual Studio 2019

If you are trying out C# 9.0 features, you may need to enable this to get .NET 5 SDK Access.

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