Switch DevOps Starter between Azure DevOps and GitHub Action

Switch DevOps Starter between Azure DevOps and GitHub Action

DevOps Starter makes it very easy to start setting up code repo, build, and deployment. Just by using few quick steps, DevOps Starter set you up to everything you need for developing, deploying, and monitoring your app. Moreover, you can choose Application Types, Application Platform, Deployment Container, and Deployment Platform. Finally, DevOps Starter supports CI/CD for Azure Repos using Azure DevOps Pipeline and GitHub Repo using GitHub Action.

DevOps Starter with Azure DevOps and GitHub Action

GitHub Actions makes it extremely easy for CI/CD to build, test, and deploy your code right from GitHub Repos. It has powerful integration with Azure DevOps Starter Project. Using Azure DevOps Starter, we can easily plug in GitHub Code directly using GitHub Action. This is the default setting in DevOps Starter.

Quickly setup everything you need for develop, deploy and monitor your solution on Azure – Using Azure DevOps Project

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Sign in to your Azure Subscription and select  DevOps Starter , and Create a New Starter Project.

Open Azure Portal and Select DevOps Starter Service to start creating the DevOps Project. By default, DevOps Starter mapped with GitHub. With that, Azure DevOps Project will build, test and deploy your code in GitHub repo and CI/CD using Github Action.

DevOps Starter for GitHub Action

With GitHub selected, you can see list of application it supported with GitHub.

Now, if you want to change it to Azure DevOps and create CI/CD Pipeline using Azure DevOps, you can click on the “Change Settings here” link, that you bring the following blade where you can change the DevOps Starter Settings from “GitHub to AzureDevOps” or vice versa.

devops starter with github action

Once you changed back to “Azure DevOps” from “GitHub,” some of the framework options may change, and you may see additional application types.

Here is the quick comparison between application type available for both the types.

github action and deveops starter project

From here, you can choose the project type and then the next step of the framework to build your end-to-end CI/CD pipeline either using Azure DevOps Pipeline or to use GitHub Action.

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