Download Visual Studio 2022 –  First Preview

Download Visual Studio 2022 – First Preview

The first preview release of Visual Studio 2022 is now available; you can directly download Visual Studio 2022 and install it. Microsoft announced the Visual Studio 2022 couple of months back. Now, it is available for download as First Preview. The new version of Visual Studio 2022 promises to be faster, more lightweight, better scalability for the large enterprise solution. You can download Visual Studio 2022 from here. In this post take a look at the very first preview version,

Download Visual Studio 2022 – Preview 1

Visual Studio 2022 Preview (

Visual Studio 2022 Refreshing Splash Screen

key Highlights

Firstly, Visual Studio 2022 is a 64-bit application. With that, the core process of Visual Studio, devenv.exe, will have much more advantages of getting a larger data set, using more CPU registers, and taking advantage of more than 4GB of memory. You can now develop a much more complex solution without running out of memory; open larger-scale solutions without slowing down overall Visual Studio performance.

Following image show the instance of Visual Studio 2022 running on 64bit

Visual Studio 2022 Running on 64Bit

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Secondly, Visual Studio 2022 has full support for .NET 6. Its all other unified framework support including web, mobile apps, and support of .NET MAUI

.NET 6.0 Preview Support

Moreover, with a refreshing icon and themes.

You may not experience the changes on the icon in the first look. This preview feature is disabled by default. You need to enable this from the preview page.

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