Did you know – Visual Studio has an Integrated Developer Command Prompt?

Did you know – Visual Studio has an Integrated Developer Command Prompt?

As a developer and Visual Studio users, we are all familiar about Visual Studio Developer Command Prompt. This is available in Visual Studio starting from VS 2015, and with Visual Studio 2019, it supports another command-line shell – Visual Studio Developer PowerShell. We can open and leverage both the shells from the command prompts. Now, Visual Studio has an integrated Developer Command Prompt. It’s like a Terminal which has an integrated developer command prompt and developer Powershell. Moreover, you can customize the command prompt and change the settings for any additional configuration. The Visual Studio Terminal is an integrated developer command prompt within Visual Studio that supports both Command Prompt and Powershell command prompt.

Integrated Developer Command Prompt – Visual Studio Terminal

To launch the Developer command prompt, from the Main menu, Select View  >  Terminal.

Visual Studio Terminal

This will open the Terminal with the Developer PowerShell window activated.

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Visual Studio Developer Command Prompt

Here, you can now select the PowerShell version for the terminal also, choose the “Developer Command Prompt” . The Visual Studio Terminal also allows to create multiple instances of same Shell.

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Visual Studio Terminal – Settings

By default, Developer PowerShell sets as starting the shell. If you want to change it, click on “Settings“. It will open the Profiles for Visual Studio Terminal. Select, “Developer Command Prompt” and select “Set as Default“.

Visual Studio Terminal Settings

To Summarize, as a developer we often used both the shell and we often tend to choose the command line, but this integrated environment can be a easy access.

However, if you still want to open the CLI-based Developer Command Prompt, you can also access them directly from Visual Studio as well. They are available under Tools > Command Line.

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