Automatically Discover Your Application Topology using Application Map

By | April 9, 2016

With the new “Application Map” feature, you can visualize the overall application topology based on the incoming telemetry into Application insights. The Application Map generates based on the inbound telemetry information  and then analyze them to discover the overall application topology by classifying them against each layers of abstractions.

Each layer inside Application Map shows the overall performance information, request served, HTTP calls and also highlights if there is any bottleneck or error.  Using this layer diagram you can easily identify which layers/ areas are causing problem most and you can focus in to it rather than other sections.

Application Map

Application Map

From the above map, we can see there are some failures in the web server layers. To get a deeper diagnosis, just click on the individual panel which will open separate blade with details. For an example, to get details of  all failed request from the server select the “See Failed Requests” from the context menu.

Failed Request

Failed Request

Once we select this option, a new blade will open with the details of all the failed request.

Failed Request from Application Map

Failed Request from Application Map

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How to generate the Application Map ?

Generating the Application Map is fairly easy and straight forward.

  • From the Azure Application Insight Portal, select your respective Application Insights
  • Then from the Settings panel to select the “Application Map” option under Investigate section.
Generate New Application Map

Generate New Application Map

All in all, This is an extremely useful feature to get an overall view of our application instantly and focusing on the problematic area faster than even.

Hope this helps.

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