Transfer your existing Application Insights Mobile Apps to HockeyApp

By | May 9, 2016

HockeyApp provides the capabilities to streamline our mobile app development, deployment and diagnostic process. HockeyApp let us manage our Universal Windows Apps (UWP), iOS, Android, OS X, and other Windows apps. If your mobile app is using Application Insights , you can easily migrate it to HockeyApp by just following few steps.

Open the Application Insights Portal, and select your respective mobile app’s Application Insights.  Just above the essential panel, it will show up a “Transfer” indication.


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Once your click on that indication, you have to confirm the app transfer in a new blade as shown below image.  Click on “Transfer App” button and everything will be taken care automatically.


The app will transfer to HockeyApp with same azure account you are using for the Application Insights.  Once the App Transfer is done, you will get following notification just above the essential panel.




Jump to HockeyApp portal and you will see your App has been transferred there.


Overall transition experience is very smooth and can be taken care by just a single click.

Read More about this Process and details over here:

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