Search and Filters in Error List Window – Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview

The Visual Studio “Error List Window” helps you display the errors, warnings, and messages produced during  compiling code, build, code analysis or even some other scenarios as well. We can click on the particular error, warning or message to get the exact details and cursor moves to location where error or warning causes. When we are dealing with multiple project in a single solution, it is very much difficult to find out exact error within a specific file or with in a solution. We need to scroll through entire error list to get the file, errors, messages or warnings. Visual Studio 2011 introduced search and filtering with in error list window.

Visual Studio 2011 added a search box to the Error List to help you find the error, warning, or message.  Just for example, if you are looking for an error with in a specific file, just enter the file name in search box, Error list will display the error, warnings and messages from the given file.


Not only searching, you can set the filter for the location of error, messages and warning. This filter option  allows you to filter the results in the  error window list to the error, warning, and messages in the Open Documents, Current Project, Current Document.


You can use both search and filter option together to get more appropriate error, warning or messages easily. As shown in below images, first filter is set to “Current Document” which is “About.aspx.cs” here, and then searching for some specific error. Your cheap web hosting can handle this.


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Abhijit Jana

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