New Color Picker in Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview for CSS

CSS editor in Visual Studio 2011 introduced many new features for web developers and it helps developers to work with CSS more efficiently and organize way. One of the nice features of the new CSS Editor is Color Picker. While designing styles for web applications, web developers refers different tool to choose the color and color code. But now, there is an integrated Color Picker that helps developer to pick up the color within editor itself.

In CSS Editor, locate the cursor next to any color attribute and press Space. A color pickup automatically popups up. You can select the color as per your requirements.


You can navigate to different color platter by clicking on left and right navigation arrow.


If you feel  the colors which you need is something different than what is available in first display, click on “+” to turn on the color gradient.


You can also set the opacity by specifying the opacity value using Opacity Scroll bar


Click on the “Pick” button, if you want to pick color from out side of this color popup.


This features is not only for CSS files, You will get the similar color picker in Markup while dealing with colors.


Another nice thing with this color picker is, it remembers the recently used color and highlight the currently used color with Gray Rectangle.image

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Abhijit Jana

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