Save and share your Application Insights results for quick access

Save and share your Application Insights results for quick access

One of the main objective out of Application Insights result is to review and analyze the telemetry data. We do lot of configuration for the metrics, diagnostic search results, custom events by applying filters and time range etc. just to make sure we are looking into the data set which is required for that analysis. And of course, we may want to refer the same set result again and again along with the change of time.  It is quite difficult and time consuming if we need to create same filter or configuration again and again. To make it very easier to access and reuse the same in future, you can Save the results as “Favorite”.

Here is how to use it

Consider you have following customized chart, where you are monitoring user sessions / new users / registered users and some of the custom metrics. Noticed that, this not a pre-defined chart, it has been configured with various parameters.


Now, to reuse this information for later point of time, you can save it by clicking on the “Favorite” button. Provide the name of the result and then click on Save.


You will receive an notification once the favorite is saved.



What’s next ?  Now you can quickly access the saved information . Click on the Favorites Icon as shown in picture below,  a new blade will open with all the saved favorites. image


Click on them to get back the results for the saved favorites.



My Favorites Vs. Shared Favorites

You can choose whether to share the saved result with other team members, if you are using an account for team. Shared Favorites are basically those which can be access by anyone else who is using the same account – and this is set by default, where as “My Favorites” only belongs to you and you can only view it.

You can choose this value while creating or updating a favorites


Choosing Between Time Ranges

Time Range is also an important aspect and metrics of data analysis. When we create a Favorites, the default value of time is set to “Relative”. Which means, data will be updated as go on with time  where as “Absolute” time range will show the same data every time.



How to update existing Favorites ?

Updating an existing favorites can be done in a same way of creation. Just open the existing saved items, and then click on “Save Favorites” . You can then edit or update the information like name, save to and time range options.


Delete the Favorites

Here is the final item, if you wish to delete the favorite, you can either delete it by clicking on the “Delete” icon while editing and existing favorites. Or by clicking on the delete items for the selected favorites  from the list of favorites



All in all, this is a really great feature to use and can save your lot of time.

Hope this helps !

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