“Related Items” in Application Insight Search Window inside Visual Studio

By | March 7, 2016

The recent updates of Visual Studio 2015 brings several improvement for Application Insights tool for Visual Studio. One of such improvement is “quickly see all the telemetry events associated with the event”.  Now, in Application Insight Search Window, additional to the event details we have an option called “Related Items”. This tab contains a pre-defined set of queries to view all related data to the telemetry event the we are  looking at.


This feature allow very fast and easy access to the Telemetry information.

Consider an example, you are looking into a “Exception” details in the telemetry events, and you want to check out series of telemetry events 5  minutes before and after this events.  If you want to search such event details manual, you have to first check the time when the exception was logged and then configure the custom search time based on that.

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With the “Related Items”, there is already a predefined query “All telemetry 5 minutes before and after this event”.

Below illustration shows how easily we can do it now.


This is something you must have already used in Application Insights Portal, now you have it with Integrated Application Insight Search with Visual Studio


Hope this helps !