Recover Azure Blob Storage Data by enabling Soft Delete

Recover Azure Blob Storage Data by enabling Soft Delete

You can recover your deleted Azure Blob Storage data by enabling data soft delete. You can’t get your data back, when it’s deleted from storage unless you have data replication or backup is in place. The Azure Blob Storage soft delete enable retain of data even after deleting it from the storage account. When the soft delete is enabled, Azure will retain the data for a specific date and you can restore the same at any point in time. This is extremely helpful, in case you deleted any data by mistakes or accidentally.

Enable Soft Delete to Recover Azure Blob Storage Data

To enable the Soft Delete, from the Storage Account, navigate to Blob Service and select “Soft Delete

Blob Storage Soft Delete

By default, it is “Disabled”. You need to “Enabled” it.

Soft Delete Blob Storage Retaintion

Once it is enabled, you can set the “Retention Policies” by specifying the number of days.  You can retain soft-deleted data for between 1 and 365 days.

Viewing Deleted Data

To try this out, once the “Soft Delete” is enabled, delete few data from the Blob container. You won’t be able to see them further until you select “Show Deleted blobs” inside the container.

Soft Deleted Blob

Deleted Blob will show with the “Deleted” indication. You can click and check the properties of the deleted blobs.

Deleted Blob Properties

Recover Delete Blobs

Select the “Undelete” option from the Blob details page ( refer preview image), or from the blob selection context menu, select “Undelete

Data Save


You can read more about Azure blob storage soft delete from here.




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