How to switch Azure Storage replication strategy?

How to switch Azure Storage replication strategy?

Azure Storage account provides high availability and durability to all storage by replicating the information stored. You can choose the type of replication during the creation of the Azure Storage Account. Depending on where this replica is stored, you can choose different replication strategies such as LRS, ZRS, GRS, and RA-GRS. However, if you want to change the replication strategies you can do it once the storage account created as well. This enables switching between different strategies based on your need.

Switch Azure Storage replication strategy

You can check the current replication strategy for the Azure Storage account from the essential storage essential area.

switch Azure Storage replication strategy - Get Type


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To change the replication strategy, from the Settings, select Configuration and then choose the new type of replication from the replication dropdown.

switch Azure Storage replication strategy - configuration

Finally, Click on Save.

You must keep in mind, Azure Storage accounts created with a ZRS (Zone-redundant storage) replication strategy cannot be a switch to any other replication strategy.  And, ZRS is only available for GPV2 (General Purpose V2) Account Type.

switch Azure Storage replication strategy

You can switch Azure Storage account replication from LRS (Locally-redundant storage) to GRS (Geo-redundant storage), or RA-GRS ( Read -access geo-redundant storage), and vice versa.

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