Quickly navigate through Visual Studio IDE

Quickly navigate through Visual Studio IDE

You can quickly navigate through Visual Studio IDE with the help of some Keyboard shortcuts. Quickly navigate through Visual Studio files, Active Tool Windows are one of the key factors for development productivity. The Visual Studio IDE has several sets of the option to achieve the same. You can easily switch between files, tools and open windows within Visual Studio. You can also Speedup your code navigation by Bookmarking your code in Visual Studio

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Quickly Navigate Through Visual Studio

One of the common Option to navigate between files that you should start with is Navigate Backward (Ctrl+Shift+-)  and Navigate Forward  Ctrl+-. Navigate forward will activate the open documents as they were open and navigate backward would open the in reverse Order. This will enable very fast navigating among open files.  You can find these option from View Menu.

Quickly navigate through Visual Studio

Alternatively, you can select the specific files from the file navigation stack which is available in the toolbar

Quickly navigate through Visual Studio - Stack


The other important and very useful shortcut for navigation is “Ctrl+Tab“. This must be familiar with most of the developer. Press Ctrl + Tab for a summary window with all Active Files and Active Tool Window. You can just easily switch among them.


Quickly navigate through Visual Studio - Ctrl


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