Keep Visual Studio debugger ON when the browser is closed

Keep Visual Studio debugger ON when the browser is closed

We can Keep Visual Studio debugger ON, even when the project output browser is closed. When we work with Web Projects, as soon as we close the web browser window, Visual Studio stopped the debugger. Durning that time you may be interested to see some old debugging data or other traces.  However, as you closed the browser, Visual Studio stopped the debugging session. Many time, this could be as expected, however, some cases we want debugging session to be alive or and continue the debugging.  Well, Visual Studio allows us to take a control on that. Let’s have a look at how we can achieve that.

Keep Visual Studio debugger ON / OFF

  • Open the Visual Studio  Option Dialog Window.
  •  Search for Web Projects options, and you will find “Stop debugger when browser is closed

Keep Visual Studio debugger on

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If the “Stop debugger when browser is closed” checked, Visual Studio will terminate the debugger as soon as you close the browser. When it is unchecked, Visual Studio will keep running the debugging session.  As long as the debugging session is on, you can open your web project on the browser and restart debugging of your application.

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