10 Effective Debugging Tips for .NET Developer

By | January 12, 2014

As a developer, in our day-to-day development activities we spend good amount of time to debug our code, identify the root cause of defect and finally solving them. While some of them are quite easy to identify and fix but there are issue which take countless time to identify. In fact, sometimes we spent more time on debugging than writing the actual piece of code.
 Visual Studio gives us several tools to debug the code smoothly and efficiently. There are few essential tools like breakpoints, watch window, process attach window that you use commonly, however, in some cases, you could be more productive by using some of the debugging tips and tricks that may help you to identify the problems very quickly.

Effective Debugging Tips and Tricks for .NET Developer

Effective Debugging Tips and Tricks for .NET Developer

The objective of this post to provide you 10 useful tips that can make you highly productive during the debugging in Visual Studio.

  1. Hide Methods from debugger Using DebuggerHidden attribute
  2. How to use Runtime Objects in Watch Window during debugging in Visual Studio ?
  3. How to stop debugger after a specific number of breakpoint hit ?
  4. How to use DebuggerTypeProxy while debugging your sensitive Type
  5. How to use out of scope object with in Conditional Breakpoint ?
  6. Get Object Generation using Watch Window
  7. Few Tips on Customizing Debugging Window View in Visual Studio
  8. Calling Methods From Watch Window
  9. Debugging Multithreaded Program
  10. Use “Run To Cursor” and save time while debugging


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