Azure Logic Apps with Visual Studio Cloud Explorer

Azure Logic Apps with Visual Studio Cloud Explorer

Managing Azure Logic Apps can be done easily from Visual Studio Cloud Explorer with the help of Visual Studio Tools for Logic App.  Visual Studio Cloud Explorer Extension enables the developers to connect with their different Azure Subscription and view corresponding Azure resources. You can explore resources properties, and perform several actions directly from Visual Studio. Well, using the Azure Cloud Explorer, you can also now get the Azure Logic Apps History, Enable or disable a Logic App, or even editing Azure Logic Apps. Yes, you can perform all these actions directly from Visual Studio.

Managing Azure Logic Apps

Start a new instance of Visual Studio, Navigate to View > Cloud Explorer.  Authenticate with your Azure Subscription, and you will be able to see the resources under logged in the subscription. Consider, you have one Logic Apps under the subscription, and you should be able to view it in Cloud Explorer.

Right-click on the Logic App resource, and explore the different option available in the context menu.


Managing Azure Logic Apps - Visual studio Cloud Explorer


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Choose Open run history, the option will show you the running history of Logic App within Visual Studio IDE.

Managing Azure Logic Apps - Run History

Well, over the all, you can edit the Logic App using Visual Studio by choosing “Open with Logic App Editor“.  You will experience an integrated Visual Studio IDE experience for editing Logic App.  Edit existing Actions or adding a new one can be done from the integrated editor.  Publish it once the changes are done.  Finally, you can run the trigger by selecting “Run Trigger” option.

Managing Azure Logic Apps - Edit Logic Apps

To summarize, Visual Studio Tools for Logics Apps and Integrated with Visual Studio cloud explorer is an excellent addition. Of course, This will improve your development productivity a lot.


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