Invoke Azure Functions from Azure Data Factory Pipeline

Invoke Azure Functions from Azure Data Factory Pipeline

You can now invoke Azure Functions from Azure Data Factory pipeline. Azure Data Factory is a fully managed, cloud-based data orchestration service that enables data movement and transformation. You can create, schedule and manage your data transformation and integration at a scale with the help of Azure Data Factory (ADF). Azure Function let us execute small pieces of code or function in a serverless environment as a cloud function. Invoking Azure Function form a Data Factory Pipeline can lead us to run on-demand code block or methods as part of overall data orchestration and application execution.

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Invoke Azure Functions from Azure Data Factory Pipeline

We can execute Azure Functions as an Activity within the ADF Pipeline. You will find the Azure Function Activity under the general category. Select the activity and drag it over the designer.

Select Azure Function Activity


Once you have the Azure Function activity placed in the designer, you can integrate Azure Function using Linked Services. You can either use an existing linked service or create a new one for Azure Function.


Select Existing Azure Function in ADF

Navigate to the “New Linked Service” option in Azure Data Factory, you will find “Azure Function” under compute tab.

Linked Service

Select the Azure Function and provide all required information. Function App URL and Key are the mandatory one which you need top fill up from your Azure Function.

Configure Linked Services

Once Linked services are configured, you will find the Azure Function under the connected services. With that, you can start invoking your Aure Functions from Azure Data Factory Pipeline.

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