Working with Azure Logic Apps using Visual Studio Code

By | April 2, 2019

Azure Logic Apps extension for Visual Studio Code gives Azure developers set of powerful commands and tooling support to working with Azure Logic Apps. With the help of this extension for Visual Studio Code, you can quickly create, debug, and manage Azure Logic Apps. The extension also helps developers to run and resubmit the logic app, along with promoting the version. The powerful IntelliSense also helps in quickly add trigger and actions for associated Logic Apps.

Working with Azure Logic Apps using Visual Studio Code

To start with, first, you must install the extension from the marketplace. To do that, search Azure Logic Apps extension in the marketplace and Click on Install.

Install Azure Logic Apps Extension


Download the Azure Logic Apps extension for Visual Studio Code

After installation of the extension, you will find the Azure Logic Apps section of Explore section of Visual Studio Code also can explore a list of commands available.

Azure Logic Apps Commands for Visual Studio Code


If you try to create a new Logic Apps or wants to open an existing one, It will ask you to sign in to your Azure Subscription, as similar to other Azure Extension.  Once the authentication is successful, you can see all the associated Logic Apps resources in the Visual Studio Code explorer.

Visual Studio Code and Azure Logic Apps

From the explorer, you can view all the run history and triggers.  This extension also allows viewing the Logic app in code mode as well as in designer mode, that help us edit the same in Visual Studio Code.

Logic Apps in VS Code

That’s it. This extension is very powerful and if you are developing Azure based solution with Visual Studio code, you must start exploring this.