Integrated Application Insights Search within Visual Studio 2015

Integrated Application Insights Search within Visual Studio 2015

Couple of weeks back I posted about Searching Application Insights Data inside Visual Studio 2015, where you have seen how the new Application Insights search experience inside Visual Studio.  The new search features was introduced with Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 RC and with the release final Update 1, you will find lot of improvement and enhancement . The new search feature is more powerful and you can use advanced filter option to prioritize your data as per need.

Open an instance of Visual Studio, from the main menu, navigation to View –> Other Windows –>  Search Applications Insights . This will bring the “Application Insights Search” window dialog.

With the new search dialog instance,  Visual studio will ask you for selecting the Application Insight Resource

Application Insight Search in Visual Studio

Click on “Add an account..” and authenticate your Microsoft Account , to get the list of all Application insights.

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Add Account

Once authentication is successfully, you will have list of all application insights.  Select them individually to get the details information like Name, Subscription and Resource Group. Select the specific Application Insights, and click on OK.


P.S :   You can search based on the resource group to find out specific Application Insights in this “Select Application Insights Resource” dialog.

The Application Insights Search Window will have data for you.  Select any specific data items to see the details. As shown in below image, on selecting a request,  right side panel shows up the details for the selected request.

App Insight Details

Select the type of data you to view and filter it based on following option

  • Custom Event
  • Dependency
  • Exception
  • Page View
  • Request
  • Trace

Filter on Depedency

Refine By – Data Driven Filter :

Anther great addition of this search tool  is data driven filter.  These fields are dynamic by nature. You can filter it by based on the captured telemetry data. For this instance, the application have been access from following browser

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • and they are now appearing as a refine criteria.  You can chose version of the browser to find out specific details.  Exactly same experience that what we have from web portal  search. Advanced Filtering


Adding Custom Filter :

You can optimize your search experience by specific custom filter as shown in below image.



Hope this was helpful .

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