How to extract images from your PowerPoint slides ?

By | August 9, 2015

This post is not exactly related with the development,  however this is one of the common needs to for all of us and of course including developers.  Sometimes we liked images in PowerPoint slides, we may need to use them in some where like websites or even as a developers we received images from the designers as a visual design. In that case, we may need to extract them. I recently came across this excellent post from one of my friend’s blog, who also run the similar sites for UX designers  & DevelopersDaily UX Tips.  Here I am reblogging the same post just to share with you all. I am sure you are going to like it.

So here is the simple steps to get the things done.

  1. Rename the pptx to Zip
  2. Unzip and extract all contain from the Zip.
  3. Go to the unzipped folder, then navigate to /ppt/media.

That’s all.

Here is a nice visual way presentation..



Hope this was useful, and you liked it. Please share your feedback and would love to share more such post in future .

2 thoughts on “How to extract images from your PowerPoint slides ?

  1. Abhijit Jana Post author

    Right Ravi. Thanks.
    Actually this is how the components are packaged for office. Most of the time we use this pack / unpack things and use the content XML during development with Office and Open XML . I liked the way of presentation was done in a picture mostly.
    Have a great weekend !

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