How to check resources deployment operation details for Azure Services?

How to check resources deployment operation details for Azure Services?

We can check resources deployment operation details for Azure Services. When we create any Azure Services, its either create single or multiple dependent resources for the same service. For example, when we create an Azure Virtual Machine, it creates different PaaS services like Azure Network Security Group, Azure Disc, Public IP, Network Interface. Similarly, When we create Azure App Service, it creates an App Service Plan, App Service, and Application Insights. Ever wonder, how would you check the details of each resource components as part of the deployment.

Azure Resources deployment operation details

We can check the deployment operation details in two ways.

  1. Just after deployment of the Azure Services
  2. From deployment history of the Resource Groups

Let us take an example of Azure App Service, Web Apps. So consider you are creating an Azure App Service, which will create an App Service Plan, Web app, and an Application Insight Instance.

After the completion of the deployment, we see a similar deployment details screen, which lets us investigate the operation details for each and individual resources deployed as part of the implementation.

To check the deployment details for any specific resource components, click on the “Operation Details“.

Operation details for each resource show some of the key information for each resource for instance duration, state, type, etc.

Mostly we don’t check this information, and just click on the “Go to Resource“, but these are something which could be interesting to look at some point in time.

Similar to Development Overview, we can see similar information from Azure Resources Groups as well. From the corresponding Azure Resource Group, if you move to “Settings” and select “Deployment” we will be able to see the same information, as well as all the history of the deployment for all the resources available under that resource group.

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