Exploring App Service Diagnostics in Azure Portal

Exploring App Service Diagnostics in Azure Portal

If you are working with Azure, you must be familiar with Azure App Services and the App Services Diagnostics Tools. App Service Diagnostics tool is powerful and helps us find out application issues, logs, memory leak, crash dumps, etc. The new preview experiences of Azure App service Diagnostics are very intuitive, focused, and allows us to identify the issues quickly.

Exploring App Service Diagnostics in Azure Portal

The new experience categorized the diagnostics types and allows us to discover issues quickly that our application might be facing.

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To open up the tool, from the App Service, select “Diagnose and Solve Problem

In-App Service Diagnostics, you will find all the top-level application diagnose categories such as:

  • Availability and Performance
  • Configuration and Management
  • SSL and Domain
  • Best Practices
  • Navigator
  • Diagnostics Tools

Now you can navigate to details of each and individual category and find of details. The following images show the details for Availability and Performance.

These are very quick and in-depth insights for your app service. Spend some time across all the category available under availability and performance category.

Similar to this, explore other diagnostics category. This tool is essential to investigate how your app is performing, diagnose issues, and discover how to improve your application. 

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