Exporting Visual Studio App Center Data to an existing Azure Application Insights

Exporting Visual Studio App Center Data to an existing Azure Application Insights

We can export App Center Telemetry to an existing Azure Application Insights Services. This is helpful when you want to collect telemetry for your cross-platform application (running on Windows, Android, and iOS) in the same space for further analytics. App Center allows continuous buildreleasetest, and monitor of our cross-platform applications. It has a robust integration with Azure DevOps.

Visual Studio App Center allows export Insights and Analytics to Azure Blob Storage and Application Insights. Exporting data to Azure Services such as blob storage or App Insights helps in data retention, detailed usages, and analysis. Let’s take a look at how to export Visual Studio App Center Data To Azure Application Insights.

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In this post, let us quickly take a look how we an use same application insights for multiple export.

To Export App Center data, Go to the App Settings for the specific App and choose Settings – Export.

For the first time, this will create a new Azure Application Insight resource in the selected subscription and will start exporting the telemetry data.

In case you want to capture the telemetry for other applications ( In case of cross-platform, when you have multiple versions of Apps in App Center), in the same App Insights, you can pass on only the Instrumentation Key.

To connect with an existing Application Insights, Select the “Application Insight Options, and select the Customize Option.

Once you select the customize button, it will ask for the Instrumentation Key. You need to provide the instrumentation key for the existing App Insights

This will start capturing data from other application to the same application insights end points.

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