Reuse Microsoft Flows Actions Using Copy To Clipboard

By | June 1, 2020

Copy To Clipboard feature, in Microsoft Flow, is extremely useful and increased the reusability of Flow actions. This becoming more helpful when we deal with a large number of action, and some of them need to reused, or in fact, using the same action across multiple flows. This is very simple and straight forward to use, but extremely useful.

Reuse Microsoft Flows Actions Using Copy To Clipboard

To copy an existing action, click on the “” next to your flow, choosing the “Copy to my clipboard” option.

Once the action is copied, you can use this selected action using the same flow, or across other flow.

Now, while a new action, you will find an options tab called “My clipboard“, which holds all the copied actions.

Select, the action from the list, it will be automatically added in to the flow.

This becomes very handy when you have one action with nested controls condition and you want to reuse it. This will just copy the entire set and would be part of your clipboard for the future.