Explore Telemetry Trends using Application Insights Trends Tool in Visual Studio

By | July 1, 2016

Recent updates of Visual Studio 2015 introduced a new tool for analyzing how your application behaviors over time  using the Telemetry data. The Application Insights Trends tool in Visual Studio can analyze the data from the different set of telemetry types, time range and group by them in to different category.  You can launch this window form the solution explorer by selecting “Explore Telemetry Trends” option.

Explore Telemetry Trends

Once you have some telemetry data collected you can start analyze the telemetry data by select different set of properties.

Application Insights Trends

You can choose the following

  • Telemetry Type
  • Time Range
  • Group By

The trends windows also categorized the analyzed result for better visualization and you can select the based on different set of values – for an example, successful or failed requests type.

Application Insights Trends


This tool can also be used to find anomalies in your data. Select the anomaly options from the “View Type” dropdown.

Application Insights Trends

Click any of these trend data to navigate to Application Insight search windows for the detailed telemetry data

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You can also choose “Application Insights Trends”  window from View –> Other Windows.

Application Insights Trends

Hope this helps !