Git Pull Request Deep Links in Visual Studio

Git Pull Request Deep Links in Visual Studio

Visual Studio now has integrated deep links for the git pull request. GitHub experiences in Visual Studio are now more integrated and seamless. With the recent updates, Visual Studio introduced several great features for Git Integration. Starting from adding both GitHub and GitHub Enterprise accounts, you can  Switch between repositories very easily. One more important perspective is to access Git Pull Request either you want to create a pull request or view a pull request. Git Menu has the link for both creating and viewing a git pull request. It will make it easier to access the PRs.

To access the “New Pull Request” or “View Pull Request” from the main “Git” menu, navigate to “GitHub” .

Git Pull Request Deep Links in Visual Studio

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Once you click on New Pull Request, it will take you to the Pull Request creation screen. The New Pull Request option will be disabled if there are no active merge changes for PR.

Git Pull Request

Similarly, for the “View pull requests” the deep link will take you the respective list of all pull request for the git.

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Context Sensitive Navigation

As we switch between branches and repository the context for deep link changes and it always set into the current context of the selected repository and the branch.

Git Pull Request Deep Links - Context Sensitive Navigation

Most importantly, The Git Pull Request Deep Links in Visual Studio are dynamic based on whether your repository is on GitHub or Azure DevOps. It will take you to the respective PR screen, depends on the repository.

Well, again the links are for easy and quick access. You can still create pull requests from the respective branches from the Manage Branges or Git Explorer.

Pull Request from Branch

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