Clone Dashboard in Azure Portal

Clone Dashboard in Azure Portal

You can clone the dashboard in Azure Portal. The cloning dashboard helps quickly extend any existing dashboard, that either you can share and use for your monitoring purpose. You can create your dashboards such as Azure service health dashboard or any other Azure services monitoring or data flow dashboard, and it could be useful sharing the dashboard with others in case they need the same. Some cases may require additional charges, or you may want to take out some of the details.

Clone Dashboard in Azure Portal

Clone dashboard enables quickly create a new dashboard along with additional customization as needed.

To clone a dashboard in Azure Portal, log in to your Azure Subscription, and navigate to the respective Azure Portal Dashboard. In the dashboard, you will have an option called “Clone

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Once you click on “Clone” it will replicate the dashboard, and help you customize it further.

Here you can add or remove elements and once done, click on “Done Customization“. That’s it.

Keep in mind, if you had shared the original dashboard, clone dashboard does not retain the shared information. It will be the private dashboard by default. You need to share it further.

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