Automatically Export Azure Subscription Cost Analysis Report

By | June 7, 2020

You can automatically export the Azure Subscription cost report in the Azure Storage account. This helps a regular review, monitor on the expense, and take proactive optimization as needed. While we do monitor our expense with having set up alerts and budgets in the subscription level, having export gives a detailed look without any miss on checking. The export option allows us to configure the export storage account, and all the reports saved as CSV in a blob container.

Automatically Export Azure Subscription Cost Analysis Report

To set up a Cost analysis export, for the selected subscription, Go to Cost Management Cost Analysis and selected “Exports” available under Settings.

To create a new export, Select the “Add” button, which will bring the “New export” wizard. Provide the necessary details like name and frequency for the export.

Once basic details are provided, move the Storage section. In the storage section, you need to provide blob storage container details.

Finally, review and complete the export setup. Once the setup is configured, you can run it immediately to test it out.

Once run is successfully, navigate the selected blob storage container, and open the directory. You will find exported CSV files inside the container.

You can now download it from the blob storage, to review it.

Further, you can extend this by configuring an email option with your blob storage trigger.